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v               Discovery of The Enzymes

Why enzymes?

Enzyme nomenclature

Enzyme units

The mechanism of enzyme action

Simple kinetic of enzyme action

Effect of pH and ionic strength on enzyme catalysis

Effect of temperature and pressure

Reversible reactions

Enzyme inhibition

Determination of Vmax and Km

v               Enzymes Used In The Food Industry

         The Role Of The Enzymes

Enzymes That Used In Beverages

Enzymes That Used In Brewing,Fruit Juices,Wine and Distilling Industry 

Enzymes That Used In Dairy Industry

Enzymes That Used In Starch Hydrolysis

Baking With Amylase

Brewing With Amylase

Starch Hydrolysis With Amylases

Lipase,Catalase and Glucose Oxidase In Egg Processing

Catalase and Glucose Oxidase In Food Industry

Brewing With Glucanase

Baking With Glucose Oxidase

Baking With Hemicellulase

Baking With Lipase

Citrus Processing With Pectinase

Baking With Protease

Food Industry With Protease

Rennet In Cheese Making

Baking With Xylanase

             Product Ranges

Alcohol,Starch & Sugar Industry



Flavour (Cheese)

Coffee & Tea


Egg Processing

Fruit & Vegetables Processing


Juice & Wine

                   New Enzymes,Their Efficiencies & The Keys

Plasmin Protease Enzyme

Ferulic Acid Esterase

Transglutaminase (TG)

Stern Enzyme

For Baking Trials...

Enzyme Modified Cheese

Efficiency From Enzymes For Fruit Juice & Baking

             Classifications Of Enzymes

Classification & Nomenclature Of Enzymes

Enzymes Used In Food Processing  (as Complied by the ETA Number)

Partial List Of Enzyme Preparations That Are Used In Foods

Enzyme Classification According To Their Sources

Use Of Enzymes In The More Comman Food Industries

Enzimas (GMOs)

Comman Enzyme Mechanism

                   Organic Structures