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Coffee and Tea  Product Range

    Coffee and Tea  Product Range



Pectinase enzyme for use as an aid during mechanical maceration of tealeaves

Reduces the quantity of tea dust
Uniform and improved grain appearance
Improves briskness
Better quality of liquor
Improves Brightness, strength and color
Increases cuppage

Enzyme complex used to clean all your plant machineries where tealeaves get in to contact

Better aroma of finished tea
Faster cleaning cycles
Reduces  maintenance of machines and cutting blades
Increases through put of plant
ecofriendly & bio-degradable

Enzyme complex for use  in  wash water or effluent steam to help reduce the organic loads in the waste water at a nominal cost

Improves the clarity of water
Rapid reduction in the BOD and  COD levels
End water quality suitable for irrigation
eco-friendly process