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Baking Product Range and Enzymes Effects

    Baking Product Range



Amylases used to supplement and standardize the natural alpha-amylase activity of flour in the flourmill

Improves fermentation
Improves baking volume
Improves crumb structure
Improves softness                                                                                             Prevent stailing in bread                                                                                 Increase shelf-life

Amylases used in yeast-raised baked goods

Improves crust color
Softens the crumb

Cellulases and Xylanases used in dough conditioning. Suitable for use in combination with or to replace emulsifiers in white or whole-wheat bread, hearth breads, buns and rolls

Softens bread dough, bread crumb, and muffins/doughnuts/pancakes
Improves machine handling
Reduces mixing time

Cellulase suitable for use in biscuits, cake doughnuts, muffins, cakes and pastries

Increases foaming
Increases batter stability and mixing-tolerance
Increases crumb fineness
Increases baked-goods volume

Oxidase used in bread-improving that is suitable for use as an alternative to chemical oxidizing agents and emulsifiers in straight dough, no-time dough, sponge, and brew systems Increases the volume of pan and hearth breads, bagels, buns and rolls           Improves dough structure and gives velvety texture                                         Improves crust color

Proteases suitable for use in bread, cracker and crisp bread dough

Reduces dough mixing time
Improves handling
Improves baking qualities of flour                                                                    Prevents dough retraction

Lipase suitable for use in yeast-raised baked goods. It works most effectively in combination with hemicellulase and/or fungal alpha-amylase

Improves dough stability and resistance to over-proofing
Increases the volume
Reduces dough stickiness














    Baking Enzymes Effects

       The enzyme portfolio extends from bread, biscuit, cake improvers to pan release emulsifiers, The standard product range 

       for the Baking industry are listed as follows:


                    ;metabisulphite replacer in biscuits and crackers

Increase in oven spring                                                                    Allows efficient mechanisation                                                        Maintains constant dough viscosity

Fungal amylase

Used in baking


For breads and pizzas


For biscuits

Fungal protease

For biscuits and mellowing strong flours
Gives soft crumb with high protein flours

Flavour flakes

For flavoured fats available in many flavours.


Allows independent control of amylase and xylanase                      Concentrate foruse in bread improvers

High stability oil

Imparts anti-stick coatings, moisture barrier coating, anti dusting carrier medium for flavours, colours etc


Improves crumb softness








Bacterial protease For crackers, puffy pastry
Polyglycerol esters

Emulsifier for cakes


Useful for wafers and fermented biscuits


For better water binding capacity flour and antistaling properties.

Sodium stearoyl lactylate


Mono and di glycerides  

Diacetyl tartic acid esters


Propylene glycol